More pandemic chuckles.


Because if you don’t laugh, you’ll scream.



That’s the very definition of symmetry.



I can relate to this.

My bags are lonely… as well as heartbroken.



I’m not a religious person, but first plague…. now insects.

It’s mildly convincing, but I’m still holding out for water into wine.




A protest I can get behind.



Well that’s depressing.



Because the answer to “what’s new?” has never been more boring.

25 thoughts on “More pandemic chuckles.”

      1. Yes, 2 made it across the border and were killed due to stupidity. The colony across the border in Canada was wiped out because they sent scouts ahead. NONE had done the proper paperwork to cross the border. I did a post on this last week……

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  1. I’ve been dealing with emotional baggage for years, but I can’t leave her because I’d starve to death and my clothes would only get washed every six months whether they needed it or not.

    (Just kidding, hon — you know I’d marry you all over again, even if I was in my right mind.)

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    1. Left to his own devices my husband would do the same. He throws clothes on bedroom chairs saying, “But I’ve only worn those jeans three times” every time I gather laundry.


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