21 thoughts on “I am actively searching.”

  1. I am far to rigid and set in my ways for this … tequila should be tequila.
    If I want cucumbers and jalapeños in my tequila, I will put them there.

    This is the classic rationale behind barring wimmen from distilleries and sending them back to the kitchen where they belong.

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  2. I just checked (sadly, I have an app for that on my phone, don’t judge too harshly) and my fave local liquor emporium has all three flavors in stock. Apparently I’ll be getting out of the house tomorrow…

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      1. Well, to be fair, this app only applies to said fave local liquor emporium. It’s a chain, but I get the sense that they may not have an outpost near you. (I may be wrong.) In any case, this app is very helpful. Their stores are HUGE, essentially massive warehouses, a la CostCo or Sam’s. The name is “Total Wine”, although that’s a bit of misnomer because they have far more other spirits than they do of the vino.

        My fave thing about the app? If you’re wondering around in the vast landscape, trying to locate a nectar that you need, you can type in the name of said nectar and the app will tell you exactly where you can find it. (“Aisle 7, left side.”) It’s beautiful and glorious…

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  3. That sounds absolutely amazing but I can’t seem to find it near me. There is, however, a local beer brewery founded by two women, so I’ll drink to that.
    Their beers are amazing too. If you’re ever in the area try some Jackalope brews.

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