Worst. Gift. Ever.


Have you ever given someone a gift and had cause to regret it?

I’ve lived with regret for the past few years and felt the old twinge again yesterday.



At first I looked outside and thought how nice…



The husband is trimming a tree.



And then I saw the gift I’ve lived to regret.



He wasn’t trimming branches off the tree, he was cutting it down.






I don’t know.

Because it was there… and he could, because I’d given him a chain saw as a birthday gift.



Whatever the reason, it’s gone.



Or at least part of it.



And if he thinks he’s leaving this abomination on our lawn he’s sorely mistaken.

Chain saws.

Worst. Gifts. Ever!!

45 thoughts on “Worst. Gift. Ever.”

  1. I thought you were going to talk about the cart. I bought one like that form my wife. She hated it. I then gave it to a coworker who gave it to her husband. He cut his leg on it and (after it got infected) almost lost his leg! They gave the cart to a family member.

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  2. The demise of a tree does seem like the inevitable consequence of owning a chainsaw and if my understanding of the world is correct (which it may not be given that it’s largely informed by bad movies) the demise of a tree is very much the least worst outcome…

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      1. At least you get a new tree! I cut down a 30+ foot ficus tree from our backyard when we moved into a new house. OK, I had a tree service because that tree was a monster. The hubby and son pitched a fit until I explained that the roots were heading both into our septic tank and about to burst through the side of the underground pool….. ficus trees are no bueno!

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      2. 😀 I never knew this one was so invasive until the arborist came out. I was just going to have it trimmed. Interestingly the price to trim or to remove was the same. The other problem was it had been improperly trimmed, so one hurricane from the right direction would put it either on my house or the neighbor’s. That beast had to go.

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  3. Lack of communication is a problem with my wife and I. She got upset when I trimmed the tree branches in the front yard a month ago. She claimed I was taking all her shade away.
    *** she hardly goes outside anyway.
    And just for the record… there is still plenty of shade.

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  4. I offer this advice with the understanding that I’m not fully aware of the dynamics of your relationship with The Chainsaw Wielder, but: It might be in your best interest to never wear an outfit that looks like a tree…

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      1. Did the same thing to the lavender one out front. Had to cut half of her out. She’s looking a bit better but not much. I think they are very old.


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