I should have known.


I should have known finding that tasty take out a while back was a fluke.

We really do have the worst luck when it comes to grab it and go, (unlike the President) but since we liked the last little place, we gave it another try for lunch.



Yeah, I knew that as soon as I opened the containers.



This gelatinous mess was supposed to be crab stuffed mushrooms.

And while admittedly there was some crab, it was basically a soggy tasteless mess. You could have bounced those mushrooms like a rubber ball.



Husband loves chicken fingers and since these were advertised as homemade, he tried them.


The coating was so hard and thick you needed a buzz saw to break through.



After two appetizers, we decided to split a chicken Caesar salad wrap with sweet potato fries.

Problem was, they put the cold wrap in with the hot fries so the cold sandwich heated up ( melted wrap, warm lettuce and thoroughly liquified dressing ) while the hot fries cooled down ( limp and chewy ). Who does that?

Another total disaster of a meal.


22 thoughts on “I should have known.”

  1. Did you call them and tell them all this–after asking to speak to the manager and/or owner–which is what you should have done?
    They won’t know things are being done wrong in their restaurant unless a customer tells them!!!

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    1. Pfft. I called and got no where. And sorry, but I won’t name it. Too close to my actual home and I don’t want you lot knowing where I live!


  2. The quality at a lot of restaurants is probably going to suffer for the foreseeable future. Restaurants have very, very small profit margins at the best of times, but after 3 months of lockdown and supply issues and the inevitable price increases, they’re really going to be scrambling.

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  3. Ug, that’s terrible. I have to tell you, though, that with so many people always posting photos of their amazing meals, it’s nice to see photos and a post about a bad meal. I hope the next take out meal goes much better!

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  4. They used to call such places “greasy spoons.” I don’t know what they call them now (“fast food emporiums”?), but “cruddy kitchens” might do until someone thinks of something more disgustingly descriptive.

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