What a nightmare.


Saturday morning on Memorial Day weekend we planned to finish the baby barn remodel. But that didn’t happen, because I started hearing the scritchedy scratch every homeowner dreads.

Squirrels in da house!

I thought they were in the attic, then the walls… but finally pinned it down to the eaves. And I was certain I knew how they got in.



Please look at the upper right hand corner, behind the lights.



It’s been like that since we moved in…. 18 years ago. The previous owner’s gerry rigged spotlight installation.

Naturally, ‘Close Hole’ has been on the top of my honey do list for 17 1/2 years because birds have been nesting in there.



So the husband grumbled, and cursed, and got a ladder to deal with it.

Which is when I heard the scritchedy scratching…. somewhere else.



In this corner, under the hanging plant.



So we yanked back the bushes, grabbed a pry bar and started pulling off decking and lattice….



To discover the noise was coming from inside the vinyl siding corner post. I pounded and knocked and banged on that post like a wild woman and before long?

Baby red squirrels were tumbling out of it like a clown car. They were terrified, and scattered to the 4 winds… so we plugged up the holes and called it good.

Mission accomplished.



Well, not quite.

To be continued….

28 thoughts on “What a nightmare.”

  1. You monsters! You broke up a squirrel family. Momma squirrel is going nuts! Actually, I could lend you my two dogs for a few days and they would be happy to take care of the problem for you.
    Also, I hate it when “close the hole” goes on my wife’s to do list. 😈

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