30 thoughts on “Gender reassignment.”

  1. I called mine Ralph. I don’t know if Ralph is a girl. If Ralph is a girl and has babies, I’m screwed. All my lettuces and herbs will be gone. 🙂

    Can you explain why he has to eat my food? I mean, there are plenty of weeds everywhere, more than the planted stuff…can’t he just eat there?

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    1. We’ve been very lucky. Every once in a while they’ll find a flower they like to nibble and I’ll be spraying stinky repellent like mad, but then again we don’t grow veggies. That’s mighty tempting.

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  2. So you’ll have baby woodchucks at the feeders soon! Will wait with bated breath for the adorable family photos!

    Your woodchuck gender dilemma reminds me of the desert tortoise we had when I was a kid. We referred to it as a male. My brothers named him T.H.E. Turtle (failing to take into account that he wasn’t, in fact, a turtle, but a tortoise), after the popular mid-60s TV show T.H.E. Cat. Then, after many years, he laid an egg! One, solitary egg. He quickly became a she, but her name didn’t change.

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    1. Why is it we automatically call everything he?
      I bought a mouse at the five and dime when I was a kid. Named him Benjamin.
      He died 2 weeks later giving premature birth.


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