What’s all the fuss about?


I heard some Hellacious  (Yes, that’s a word. At least in Maine.) chattering the other afternoon.





Looked out back…




And saw momma red squirrel perched on the plant hanger.




She was flicking her tail and screeching like a Hollywood starlet who ran out of Botox.




She screeched so hard a seed fell out of her mouth.




It only took me a minute to figure out why.




The other visitor.




No worries readers, momma escaped unharmed.

30 thoughts on “What’s all the fuss about?”

  1. River, I love all of the animal drama that goes on outside your house! We get a lot of animal drama inside our house (2 dogs, 4 cats.) There’s always someone needing attention or who’s in a snit. Fun. Drama queens one and all. Mona


      1. Thank you! I haven’t joined this site, just following you. Ken reminded me yesterday of you being here and I remembered I used to follow you. I hope you’ve been well over the years.

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      2. I’m still there. I’m thinking its on its last legs, but who knows. For a change its quiet there and people are getting along….for now. But that can change on a dime as you well know.

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      3. It’s been dying for years and I just couldn’t take the mean spiritedness anymore. You should start a blog here, it’s an awesome site with great people!


      4. I’m not too much for blogging, just very sparingly and more of a reader/commentor. I know a few from there are here as well. Maybe one day, I’ll actually join.

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  2. I always know when a cat is prowling around my house because the squirrel alarm will go off so loud I can hear it inside the house with a fan running. As much as I love squirrels, it’s so hard to choose sides here, because that fox is so damn cute…

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      1. no……..you. you goof.
        And I forgot what I wanted to ask you. I thought about it this weekend and of course did NOT write it down……grrrrrr

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      2. I’ll tell you what my mother used to tell me…. must not have been very important.
        Always made me want to say, “Oh, I remember. Your car is on fire.“

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