I love trees.


So, can you see it?




Look closely now.




Not until you get near enough to look up.





The neighbor’s tree adjacant tree house, hidden from sight by trees.

I love trees.




Here’s the husband for size reference, holding the enemy of trees. The chain saw birthday gift I’ve lived to regret.

I neither know, nor want to find out what he was cutting down there.

I shall just enjoy the leaf cover those glorious trees provide.

And maybe do this –








17 thoughts on “I love trees.”

  1. I love trees also….in someone else’s yard, however. Before I relocated to my current place, I had 15 trees in my yard. Everytime we had bad weather, I had branches that broke, coming out the wahzoo! Hurricane force winds? More branches, so large, they had to be chainsawed to size. It was a constant battle but! Like I said, I love trees especially oak, spruce, maple Bradbury Pear and a host of others. Where I live now…not a tree in sight. I get my shade from a tree in my neighbors back yard. Heavy winds? Bring it! Let the neighbor clean the mess and pick up the fall leaves. My yard is clean! 😉

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  2. I always say there’s nothing like having a mutant arm-adillo handy to protect your favorite tree. Now, if you can only get one of your masked raccoon friends to steal hubby’s chainsaw, your joy will be complete.

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  3. I have had to cut down some trees and I about cry when I do. I just discovered I have two more big branches and another dead pine. So I’ll get some wood to stay warm this winter which is the only solace I get from it. I prefer to see them stay standing – lush and green.

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      1. I have a BUNCH of sugar maples that pop up everywhere. I have also discovered digging them up, putting them in a pot for a year, THEN transplanting them makes a world of difference. ……. or maybe it’s just dumb luck on my part. LOL

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      2. We plant, they do well for a few years then… splat. Japanese beetles destroyed one. Brown tail moths another. One was uprooted during a storm. One dried up from lack of water. Another drown in too much water. Bad luck.

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