Behold the majesty.


The majesty  (and the God damn miracle I’m not divorced)  that is the completed baby barn remodel.

And yes even though it’s as small as a shed, there was a horse living in it before we moved in, so it’s a barn.

A baby barn.

And I have the hay holder thingies to prove it.



Please note ‘hay holder thingies’ may not be the correct equine term, but I was born in Jersey. The only thing I know about horses is who placed in the fourth at Belmont.

We started with this….




And finished with this….




Looks a little better than before, eh?

No comments on the empty garden bed, that has yet to be redone.
















And to think it only took us a 10 mere months.




Which shouldn’t be a surprise.

We started it’s larger father in 2012…. and haven’t really finished that yet either.





That’s our motto.


40 thoughts on “Behold the majesty.”

  1. It’s a proud, bouncing, baby…BARN! I forget, what did you name him? her? it? I really think you need a she shed next. You know, so that you have somewhere to store your chicken boots when you get them. 🙂 Mona

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  2. I’ve heard that a hotten has tots, but I didn’t know a barn could have babies. Now that you have dispelled that misconception, may your barns have many more babies, and may your neighbor’s trees have many more houses.


  3. Amazing before-and-after comparison.

    Love the double-Z door design (although I might not if I had too much wine and were standing too close). If you do name Baby Barn, a name that starts with Z would be fitting.

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  4. Fantastic job. I wouldn’t begin to know where to start with a project like that. Oh wait! I do know: by making a call to a carpenter and pulling out my checkbook. I’m always so impressed that people know how to do stuff like that.

    One thing though: what will you blog about now?!?!

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    1. I would have loved to call a carpenter, but the husband never lets me. He thinks he can fix or repair anything. Some times he can, some times it gets interesting.
      As for blog topics, I never run out. Much to the dismay of my readers.

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