Well, he thought he was done.


The baby barn.




Now that we’d finished the  holy crap did it really take that long  construction and paint, it was time for me to begin the beautification process. This meant doing something with the empty flower bed and border.

The ground has always been uneven there… and when I mulched, it tended to wash downhill. So I gathered up a bunch of the old weathered bricks I love and started stacking.

While the husband was watching.







Before I knew it?





He was on his hands and knees telling me I was doing it wrong.




And while I normally don’t react well to that statement… if it means someone will step in and do all the work?  I can swallow my pride.

In no time flat it was being done properly.




As he gleefully pointed out how my eyeballed straight line wasn’t so straight.




Look at him with his little level.




Isn’t that special?




I damn near burst out laughing when he started trimming the bush with a pair of scissors.

Who is this man, and what have you done with my husband?




Be still my heart.

He actually dipped into his sacred pile of dirt that’s been behind the baby barn since we built the big barn years ago and…  look!

He even spread it.



I don’t mind telling you the rare sight of my husband gardening was positively orgasmic.

While he loves to mow the lawn and chop down trees…. anything resembling planting, weeding, mulching, bordering… aka gardening?




It was a miraculous sight.




Unfortunately it used up a lot more material than I had, so I sent out an SOS for additional bricks.




Next door neighbor to the rescue.




They have a lovely old farmhouse with a huge 3  (4?)  story barn.




Which the husband was scoping out while I loaded bricks into the truck.




She had enough to let us  (and by us, I mean him. All I did was take pictures and moan with pleasure)  finish.




And I’m quite pleased with the results.




27 thoughts on “Well, he thought he was done.”

  1. I can see why you’d be pleased. It looks good. Is there going to be other shrubbery or bushes planted in there with the bush? F did a good job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Flowers most likely, for a pop of color. That bush was planted in 2002, it has pink blooms that the butterflies and bees love. Otherwise I would have gotten rid of it and started from scratch.


  2. I’ll bet there are some rusty old treasures in your neighbor’s huge barn that your hubby saw and covets. It’s probably only a matter of time before he goes back and makes an offer, so you may still pay the price for your nefarious scheme.

    Liked by 1 person

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