Reason #56 why you should always have your cell phone nearby.


Hello my name is River, and I’m an addict.

A cell phone addict.

I always have my cell phone.

In my purse, in my pocket, in my hand. It’s rarely more than 10 feet away from me at any given time…. which drives the husband crazy.  (This could be because he’s always doing something photo worthy, but that’s another blog entirely.)

The other day as I was sitting on the barn porch with a book and a cheaters bottled cocktail…..




A fly had the audacity to do the backstroke in my margarita.




This will not be tolerated, so after removing the thirsty Esther Williams wannabe?

My cell phone saved the day….




And the rest of my  I still don’t feel comfortable going to our local pub for a real one  margarita.

Reason #56 why you should always have your cell phone nearby – cocktail fly blocking.

You’re welcome.


20 thoughts on “Reason #56 why you should always have your cell phone nearby.”

  1. I’ve been using mine to send videos of my daughter to her grandparents while we’ve all been in lockdown. But if they’re happy with that (and they seem to be) I’m wondering if I ever have to actually visit any of them ever again…

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  2. My first coffee on the back porch in the sun…about to take a second sip…


    In. My. Coffee.

    I fish out most bugs. But I will not drink fly juice.

    And yes, picture taken, blog about to be written, so my solution is slightly different than yours… 😛

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  3. Sometimes I think I should refer to my phone as my “smart camera” since that’s what I use it for 90% of the time. Another 8% is checking emails, and the last 2% is for calls I can’t otherwise avoid.

    I’m going to adopt your tactic. It’s brilliant! Putting my smart camera on top of my wine glass while sitting on the deck on nice evenings will keep the fruit flies from drowning in ecstasy (and requiring me to fish them out). And the camera will be in easy reach for photos of dogs, birds, sunsets, whatever catches my wine-enthused fancy.

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