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I love my town… part whatever.


Haven’t done one of these in a while, so I thought it was time to check my small town’s FB page.



The ultimate in tree repurposing. Goats!



The old fashion trade and barter system is alive and well in my town. I have a neighbor who had his garage built with nothing but beer.



Girl Scout cookies are the new crack. Those little bitches give you a free sample and you’re hooked.



Sorry bud, someone left it in ours as well.



That is perfectly evil. And I love it!



Poor piner. Hope he was alright…



Reason #56 why you should always have your cell phone nearby.


Hello my name is River, and I’m an addict.

A cell phone addict.

I always have my cell phone.

In my purse, in my pocket, in my hand. It’s rarely more than 10 feet away from me at any given time…. which drives the husband crazy.  (This could be because he’s always doing something photo worthy, but that’s another blog entirely.)

The other day as I was sitting on the barn porch with a book and a cheaters bottled cocktail…..




A fly had the audacity to do the backstroke in my margarita.




This will not be tolerated, so after removing the thirsty Esther Williams wannabe?

My cell phone saved the day….




And the rest of my  I still don’t feel comfortable going to our local pub for a real one  margarita.

Reason #56 why you should always have your cell phone nearby – cocktail fly blocking.

You’re welcome.




Making a grocery run with the husband looks a little different these days…




As does his idea of the word essentials.



But the real news of the day?




We found two of the most elusive items in Maine. Flour and toilet paper!!!

Now I can say I know how a crack whore feels after a fix.

Well, maybe not exactly how.

But still…



We found these precious jewels at an out of the way, generic name grocery store in the back country.

And no, I’m not telling you where.



What is it about shoes?


Hello, My name is River…. and I’m an addict.

There I said it.

I’m an admitted shoe-aholic.

And while it’s entirely possible I started out life like this –




My love of shoes has been a constant through the years. In the past I had racks full of sexy high heeled shoes. Truly… I never met a pump or peep toe mule I didn’t like. But now, in my decrepit early 50’s with evil bunions paining my every step, you’re more likely to find sandals, sneakers and boots clogging my closet.

But that doesn’t mean I still don’t have a slight problem.




So I went shoe shopping last week and bought a few pairs for fall/winter.




But in my defense, I never repeated a color so that should count for something.

Grey, olive, navy, brown, putty, (yes, be quiet…that’s a color) black, and beige.


I lied.




I did buy 2 black pairs. But one was leather and one was suede.

And yes, I bought 2 beige pairs… but look. That one has lacy cutouts on the top.

And that blue pair? Well, they’re fleece lined so that’s totally different.

The brown.

Damn. I have no excuse for the brown.

But I’m an addict, remember? Shoes are my crack!




There are those  ( My husband, my friends, my family, my old coworkers… alright basically everyone. You happy?)  who say I have too many shoes.

To which I reply –



Too many shoes?

Pffftt!  It’s like being too rich or too thin…. just not possible.

And please don’t raise the possibility of me returning any of my recent purchases to the store.




Because it’s not going to happen.

I love me some shoes.



And clearly the universe agrees…

Because it sent me a sign in the mail today.




Did I mention I also love the word free?