Baby buck.


Our resident buck with the felt covered mini rack has flown the proverbial coop, which is a shame, because I think most of you…. some of you?…. alright, at least one of you… was enjoying the fuzzy updates on antler growth progress.

But never fear.




Our old doe, who we call pregnant because she always seems to be, has last year’s progeny with her on a daily basis now.




So we’ll start from scratch.




Baby buck antlers.




At this point, they’re just little nubs that he keeps rubbing on trees and rocks.

And can you blame him?

The poor little guy looks like a four legged Frankenstein.



10 thoughts on “Baby buck.”

  1. Seeing tiny antlers–would those be antlets?–is kind of like seeing a baby pigeon. It’s something you know has to happen in nature but most of us just aren’t gonna see it. I wish him good luck with those nubs.

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    1. He’s having a hard time getting used to them. Shakes his head a lot and swings it from side to side. Maybe he’s hoping they’ll fall off.
      And btw, still can’t comment on your posts.

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