Week 2 supporting our local farmer.


Our second batch of organic veggies from across the street was a nice bonanza.



Red lettuce, spinach, mixed greens, snap peas, zucchini, celeriac, chard, turnip…. and something I couldn’t identify.



Since there was a cornucopia of greens that day, salad was on the dinner menu… and because this was green?

In it went.

Bad idea. Very bad.

It was the bitterest, most noxious thing to ever enter my mouth.



Doing a little research, I discovered it might be a variety of kale.

Curly kale.

No wonder I didn’t like it!

And no surprise it ended up here:




And take my advice, if anyone offers you celeriac?


It looks like a giant turd….



It’s hard to peel.



And will break your tooth if you’re not careful.

There’s a reason most people throw it out when they grow celery.

And now, I know why.

20 thoughts on “Week 2 supporting our local farmer.”

  1. That looks more like a lettuce than a kale, perhaps it is Frisée, a type of endive lettuce which is supposedly bitter. Kale leaves are usually a bit thicker than those look. I could be wrong though. At any rate, you can lump it in with kale since you hate both!

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  2. Celeriac, is something one used like to flavor soups, stews, and sauces. I think it’s not supposed to be eaten raw or by itself. And I thought that lettuce looking thing isn’t kale, I’m thinking it’s frisée too, a type of bitter lettuce. Other than that it look like a great garden haul.

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  3. The name “celeriac” should give it away. That’s not a noun. It’s an adjective that’s meant to modify an unpleasant disease.
    “Holy mackerel, what happened to your face?”
    “Oh, I have…celeriac acne.”

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  4. Frame this because it is a rarety!! I shared food with my neighbors!!! I got a huge box from “Farmers to Families” filled with all sorts of vegetables and fruits (don’t worry–I Fedex’d the kale to you!!) and it was like I was in kid’s heaven (only they would want it to be different ice creams!)
    Huge bags of chopped Romaine, Cole Slaw, Sliced Apples, vegetable stir-fry ingredients, onions and broccoli, etc.
    I didn’t want to get too healthy so I gave some to my neighbors!!

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  5. My garden is going quite well actually. I can’t wait for fresh tomatoes and peppers…and POTATOES this fall!! Nothing like freshly dug potatoes!! OK OK!! I’ll get a photo tonight!!

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