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Week 2 supporting our local farmer.


Our second batch of organic veggies from across the street was a nice bonanza.



Red lettuce, spinach, mixed greens, snap peas, zucchini, celeriac, chard, turnip…. and something I couldn’t identify.



Since there was a cornucopia of greens that day, salad was on the dinner menu… and because this was green?

In it went.

Bad idea. Very bad.

It was the bitterest, most noxious thing to ever enter my mouth.



Doing a little research, I discovered it might be a variety of kale.

Curly kale.

No wonder I didn’t like it!

And no surprise it ended up here:




And take my advice, if anyone offers you celeriac?


It looks like a giant turd….



It’s hard to peel.



And will break your tooth if you’re not careful.

There’s a reason most people throw it out when they grow celery.

And now, I know why.

More chucker pics….


Because I can.





I’m seriously in love with this little critter.




I know most people see them as pests and hate them.




But other than a few holes here and there….




This one’s never done any harm.




And a cuter garbage disposal for leftover salad scraps you’re not apt to find.




Last year we had a momma woodchuck and 4 babies.




This year…. only one.




I’ve yet to determine if it’s momma or one of her kids.