A blue bounty.


We’ve been having an unusually hot dry summer so I was a little worried our blueberry harvest would be small.



But the bushes are positively laden with fruit.



And in some places, look like grapes.



We did our first picking the other day…



And I see pie in our future.



As well as coffee cake, crumble, lemon blueberry pound cake, buckle and muffins.

If we can beat these little bastards to the berries that is.



No one wants pancakes that squirm.

26 thoughts on “A blue bounty.”

  1. There was a massive mulberry tree on our Granny’s farm back in my youth, big enough that plenty of siblings and cousins could play under it, so we did. Of course, by the end of the day we would be completely stained purple, much to the chagrin of whichever adult was supposed to supervising us….

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  2. River,
    So blueberry pancake surprise is out of the question, eh? What kind of worms are those? Do they turn into butterflies or do they stay worms? Shudder! Those blueberries look soooo good! Minus the worms, I mean. Mona

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  3. Lucky you! I’m surprised none of your four-legged visitors beat you to them. We have wild huckleberries in the forest here in Idaho, and my dogs love picking them off the shrubs. So do I. But now that I think about it, the deer must not find them tempting or surely we’d not find as many ripe ones as we do. The bears really like them, though 🙂

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