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Blog number one thousand two hundred twenty whatever, where River chases turkeys.


Wild turkeys. They’re comical and I love to watch them…



But then they discovered my deer grain pans.



I chased them, but half heartedly and with ridiculously cringe worthy baby talk.



But they’re turkeys, so as soon as I walked in the house and looked out the window? This.



So I chased them again. And that time they stayed gone for an hour… just long enough for me to put out the nightly deer snack.



While I don’t mind them coming to eat the dropped bird seed and assorted Casa River insects, they’ve figured out the buffet of deer grain, fruit and fox food is laid out at 3:00pm and this might be a problem.



She’s baaaack.


I thought maybe we’d seen the last of her.




But no, she was out back stealing chopped up deer apples yesterday.




She was back on the patio table.




And there’s only one reason for that. Do you know how sick and tired I am of finding small pieces of rotted apple every time I sit down?




And then of course there’s the poo.




She leaves it there on purpose, I know it.




And may I just say, sipping from puddles of rain water filled with your own poo?




Not the least bit appetizing.


And please note… in that last picture? She is literally pooping. Am I a great photo journalist or what!


My first one is a live pear.


I don’t know about you, but I never have anything pop up in the ‘search terms’ box of my stats page…. until now.

I was excited! What was someone looking for when they arrived at my page… Chickens? Rocks? Rodent rebellions? It could be anything.



New live pears?

What the…


This required a Google search of my own.



The Grisly Pear and… zombies.

No, that can’t be right.

Let’s try again.



Okay, a giant lau lau is strange enough…



But a waterproof bullet vibrator?

What the utter F!


CSA and a few grocery store chuckles.


This week’s bounty was a large one.



Tomato, squash, radishes, zucchini, beets, parsley, celery, lettuce, Italian green beans, spinach and basil.

What it didn’t have was any of the bizarre little jewels the farm advertised at their stand.



Mouse melons.

I want!

What I didn’t want was the truck I parked behind at the grocery store telling me to eat more kale.



I’m not eating any kale, and you can’t make me.

Inside the store, this item looked interesting.



I like beer.

I like butterscotch.

But then I noticed it was non alcoholic cream soda and screamed false advertising.

You shouldn’t tease customers like that. Especially during a pandemic.

You also shouldn’t display things like this:



And not expect bloggers to take pictures and chortle over how utterly wrong they look.


CSA and grocery store weirdos.


Swiss chard, celery, onion, basil, radishes, carrots, dill, scallions, tomato, pepper and something I’d never tried before.

A Korean melon.




It’s a delicate flavor, like cantaloupe… with the consistency of a cucumber.

At the store this week –



A clearance sale on Hostess coffee.

Poor SnoBalls.

Apparently no one likes them in caffeinated liquid form either.



Italian flour.


Do the Irish and French have some as well. And if so, why?




More meatless meat. This time in balls.

So wrong.



And yes, the brand name toilet paper was still on the shelves.

But right across the aisle?


Not a Brawny or Bounty in sight.

Thirsty paper towels?

Trust me, they’re anything but.

Blue Monday.


We’re extremely blue at Casa River.



And loving every minute of it.



Our bushes are full of ripe fruit and we can’t pick fast enough.



The neighbors get a bowl.

The postman gets a bowl.

If y’all lived closer, you’d get a bowl as well.



After picking, it was time to dig out my favorite blueberry recipes.



The coffee cake was wonderful.



Bursting with fat juicy fruit.



Unfortunately, the cobbler didn’t cobble.



The berries were so big the batter didn’t squeeze up through, but sat at the bottom and made cake instead.

Of course, now that I think about it….



There’s nothing wrong with upside down cobbler.

It still tastes fabulous.

So if you care to share your favorite recipe…. I’m all ears.

And blue fingers.


For Boo, as requested.



A blue bounty.


We’ve been having an unusually hot dry summer so I was a little worried our blueberry harvest would be small.



But the bushes are positively laden with fruit.



And in some places, look like grapes.



We did our first picking the other day…



And I see pie in our future.



As well as coffee cake, crumble, lemon blueberry pound cake, buckle and muffins.

If we can beat these little bastards to the berries that is.



No one wants pancakes that squirm.

Proof positive correct spelling is important.


In these stress and virus filled days, we need to be able to trust the information being disseminated by the authorities and local media.

Sometimes they get it right.

Sometimes they don’t.



Of course incorrect spelling does make wonderful blog fodder.



Not to mention creative ways to use those extra bananas on your kitchen counter.



Who needs banana bread when you can do this?


Celebrating 36 years of not killing each other…..




Yes, there’s that as well.

This was the very first picture of us ever taken ….




Back in 1984, on that awful chair at his mother’s house…… right before we got married. I may look twelve, but no worries. I’d just turned 20. (As for the husband’s hair… I have no idea what was going on there.)

We knew each other for 6 days.

Yes, you read that correctly…. 6 days. And to be honest, 3 of those were the required waiting period for the marriage license.

People thought we were crazy.  (We knew we weren’t.)


Me & Fred, boat


People said it would never last.  (It’s been 36 years.)


Me & Fred, ballfield


The Grateful Dead had it right…..

What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been!


Me & Fred, Harley Rally 2


But I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

Anyway…. this year on our anniversary?




A seriously beautiful bouquet from my other half….




That got better every day as all the blooms opened up.




The rose colors were gorgeous.

Then it was off to our favorite restaurant in Boothbay Harbor…. before their doors were shut due to the virus.  The decor is nothing to write home about, and the menu is smaller in winter….. but the food is still fabulous.




As were the seasonal cocktails.

I started with a Ciderberry.




And moved on to a few Sugar Plums made with this.


If you’ve never payed attention to any of my advice before?

Start now… and buy a bottle.




It doesn’t matter if you’re not a fig fan. I actually hate the things.

But this was like nothing I’d ever tasted before. A very unique flavor. I read they also make a Golden Apricot ….. and I’ll be looking for that as well.




Can’t remember what they called my appetizer but it was delicious, with just the right amount of spice.

Husband went with his usual French Onion soup and a light main dish of broiled haddock and asparagus.




I, on the other hand….




Dove into the richest, creamiest most delightful Parmesan risotto you’ll find this side of Italy. It’s one of their specialties and I can never resist…. paired here with pan seared scallops, mushrooms, arugula and a citrus balsamic glaze.

I don’t care how many pounds I gained…

It was worth it!





You’re never too old to learn….. LEGOS.


Next up in my continuing series on  the absolutely crazy things people will pay money for  Maine Adult Education is…. LEGOS.


Those annoying little plastic toy pieces we’ve all stepped on and paid the price.



And while there have been some other ridiculous classes…


You’re never too old to learn…. Spoons.

You’re never to old to learn…. Potatoes.

You’re never too old to learn…. Ukulele

You’re never too old to learn…. Chakra Toning.

You’re never too old to learn…. Mindfulness.

You’re never to old to learn…. Tin Cans.

You’re never too old to learn…. Knotweed Flutes.

You’re never too old to learn… Succulent Picture Frame.


This one, and it’s  how the hell can we make this nonsense sound like a legitimate college course  description really made me laugh.




Oh, it’s a facilitated process?  Well, that explains everything.

And they use specially selected LEGO elements! Wow.

Does that mean the red ones… or the green?

The group discussion would be interesting to hear. Problem solving and decision making? Give me a break… exactly what wisdom will you gain?


ras lego


Okay, there’s that.

But hey, you’ll be utilizing kinesthetic skills and will be required to learn and listen.

This is Serious Play!

Taught by a Serious Play facilitator!



Of course when I was young, the people who took LEGOS seriously usually ended up like this….




But maybe times have changed.