We had our first little guy sighting of the season the other day.




And oh my goodness….




If that isn’t the definition of the word sweet I’ll eat a kale souffle.




The family kept a close huddle on the food.




But Junior managed to push his/her way into the fray.




I think I might have audibly squeaked in joy at that point.








We knew some of the does were pregnant, but they won’t bring the fawns up out of the woods for the first few months.




And even then it’s usually very early in the morning when yours truly is still in dreamland.




So it was wonderful to see them in the late late afternoon when the sun was still shining and providing light for pictures.




Welcome to the herd little one.




You’ll want to stick around, the crazy lady with the camera lays out a pretty nice buffet.





20 thoughts on “Bambi!!”

  1. Oh it’s magic when we spot the first ones. They need to grow into those ears though don’t they?

    We have a fairly tame doe hereabouts….she was rehabbed from a leg injury across the road at a nature center. I got a great shot of her and one of her twin fawns a few weeks ago. Made my day, but your shots are outstanding!

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