Just call him Johnny Appleseed.


Hope springs eternal, at least for my husband when it comes to trees.



The three oaks he transplanted a while ago croaked and had to be dug up.



So when we were in the middle of a drought and a heat wave?



He figured that would be a great time for us to plant 10 apple trees.



Holes were dug in ground that felt like cement.



And I had to run the bucket brigade again.



Because naturally he wanted to plant them at the far ends of our property.



But I did find some wild raspberries.



And blackberries.




It took us all damned day.



But trees were planted.




The heat was intense and I told him this was the wrong time of year to plant.




But you know how that went.




Will he water and fertilize and care for these new transplants in this mid summer heat wave?

Hell no.

Say goodbye trees, you’re doomed.




31 thoughts on “Just call him Johnny Appleseed.”

      1. I am kind of spoiled. Grew up in the Catskills and the apple trees were already planted. Ended up in Florida and all you do is stick in the ground something and most of the time it grows.

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      1. He better. That is murder if he doesn’t water them. Just think of all the apple butter, apple crisp, apple pie (both the alcohol and the food), apple strudel, apple jam, apple jelly, caramel apples with whipped cream and cherries on top (AKA The Queens Apple), Applesauce, spiced apple wine, wine poached apples, Candy apples, apple rings, caramel apples, Apple cake, Apple coffee cake, Big Apple Cocktail, Apple Skillet pancake…the list goes ON!!

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