31 thoughts on “CSA and grocery store fails.”

  1. Oh no! No! No! No! Stop it! Stop ruining everything good in the grocery store with plant-based imitations. I’ll eat vegetables when they are on the side of something better, or in soup, or if I can dip them in stuff while eating crackers and cheese – Triscuits please or Wheat Thins.

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  2. Aren’t all oreos plant based Cocoa is a plant? And chocolate comes from Cocoa, and Chocolate is the primary teaser in Oreos..not to mention the vanilla cream comes from….vanilla, …and guess what? Vanilla is a plant. So the add “Plant based”, fancy packaging, and voila, a $2.00 pack of oreos are now $6.99, with 72% less product.

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  3. Aeons ago, Jews in Canada didn’t eat Oreo’s because they used lard to make the cookie, so they ate Hydrox instead. But I think in this century, all Oreos are 100% plant based …
    Unless they put some kind of unholy vegan concoction in it, like soy or tofu.

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  4. I was wondering about the role of the cat in stalking the wild zucchini. Is it a tracker and pointer – shoot here ! Or is it a retriever – bagged another one Oberon fetch ! One last question. Are wild zucchini hunted from a blind or a tree stand ? Silly me I never realized garlic scapes could cooked. Always thought they needed to be cut and tossed in the garbage so the whole yard did not fill up with garlic. Thanks

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    1. I’ve never really thought about zucchini hunting cats before. Perhaps they stalk their prey and alert the hunter with a smirk and slight tilt of the head?
      They’re cats. You can’t expect any more enthusiasm than that.
      And oddly enough garlic scapes are quite popular up here. But then so are fiddleheads so what do we know?

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  5. Your veggie haul looks good….yes even the kale. I love kale, so I’d have used all those fresh goodies within two days. As for all “health and plant” based food…totes yuck. If I’m going to eat an Oreo, it’s going to be the full fat, original kind. Rice rollers, wtf!?

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