I hate to report this….


But the ever dwindling woodchuck family is now down to three.




Momma chuck and two children.




The sextuplets are now twins.




And even more outnumbered by the starlings than ever.




But they’re growing quickly and packing on the pounds for winter.




So much so, it’s getting hard to distinguish them from their mother.








She stands up.




No doubt about it then.




Does anyone know where I can get a woodchuck girdle?

Asking for a friend.

23 thoughts on “I hate to report this….”

  1. Poor chuckers. You should teach them to chuck wood at the foxes who (I assume) making ground chuck out of the departed (I assume there’s an adequate supply of wood from the trees hubby reduced to kindling).

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  2. I think mama and chillin’ need an introductory coupon to Weight Watchers …
    Yeah … life is tough for chucks. Snakes, foxes, coyotes, owls, loons and egrets find them rather appetizing. Not to mention the occasional sharpshooter with their long-bolt Model 70’s …

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