Clearly it’s been a long time…


As you know, I am not a 25 year old single woman….  (Please refrain from commenting if you value our friendship)  so it’s been a while since I leafed through a Cosmopolitan magazine. But for some reason a girlfriend gifted me a subscription, and I felt I needed to honor the gesture.




My hair removal routine is neither adventurous nor worth writing about, and as for the scale….. I’m afraid my hairless cat level will have to remain a mystery. I like my readers, but not that much.



And how do they know walking burrito wasn’t the look I was going for?

Fashion is personal…. and I happen to have the perfect black bean earrings to match, so there!



The selfie wasn’t around when I was young and single, so this may be a day late and a dollar short… but here goes.




Okay, so maybe I need a little more practice.



What kind of noodle am I?

Yes…. I’m beginning to remember why I stopped reading Cosmo in the first place.

(In case you’re wondering? Rigatoni baby.)

I found this issue to be so utterly ridiculous, I may have to make it a monthly series. And if you’re groaning now?

Just be thankful I didn’t share all the articles today.




Yes, it’s clearly been a while since I read single women’s magazines.


34 thoughts on “Clearly it’s been a long time…”

  1. These ads are not targeted at our generation. Nor are they targeted at folks with self confidence, or brains, or common sense. So, I am guessing based on your reactions, you do not fall into one of these categories, or the subsequent sub categories. By the way, I notice in your selfie…your books are turned the wrong way. They need to be turned on their spine. Just looking at them is killing my OCD.

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    1. Flipping through that magazine made me wonder if I was ever that young and stupid. And as for the books…. I’d love to turn them, but the shelving in there prohibits it. The stupid things angle downward and don’t provide enough height for anything to stand upright.


      1. I’m not sure they were actually intended as bookshelves since our office used to be a bedroom. They could very well have been a shoe rack…… but in this house? If you’re a shelf, you’re getting stocked with books.

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  2. Not all single women need to read these magazines. As as a single woman, I find Cosmo utterly ridiculous. Sometimes standing at the checkout I read it for laughs….ridiculous, laughs. What kind of noodle would I be? I’d be a piano string noodle, the kind that you get strangled with…see? Cosmo would have never gotten that one, lol.

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  3. When you never know what to do with your hands, hmm. The other day the husband and I passed this kid in a sketchy area and he flashed a gang sign in between rapping on his way home from school. I told my husband, “Sush, don’t do that…when he asked me if I recognized the hand signs.” Sometimes it is best I don’t know although these seem sweet.

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  4. With supermarket tabloids like THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER ever popular with the ‘lower classes,’ it’s nice to know that sophisticated young ladies of taste(?) still have a periodical which is up to their standards.

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    1. You only need to read my blog … unless your desire to know what type of noodle you are is too strong to wait. Of course it could also mean we’re long lost twins, and I think I like that explanation better.

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