How seriously does my husband take feeding the birds?


So seriously, that after filling the feeders and scattering seed on the ground for the cardinals during a snow storm?

He repeatedly chased off the interlopers.



And threw bare handed snowballs at them to boot.




He even followed them down the hill to the woods to make sure they were gone.




Did I mention it was a little cold that day? Well, it was.

And just so you know?

This was the third of five hasty retreats the turkeys beat, only to come back and nosh happily on spilled seed when my husband gave up. (And no, I didn’t tell him.)

Turkeys – 1.

Husband – 0.


23 thoughts on “How seriously does my husband take feeding the birds?”

  1. Aww. I have to say, at least from my perspective, that Husband gets the win in this situation, just for his effort.

    Unrelated note: Here in Dallas, we actually have possible snow forecast for tomorrow. If even a single flake falls from the sky, there will be massive confusion and anarchy on the roads. And I have no plans to leave this house… 😉

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