Our fine feathered friends.


Part three, the last of the Photo Ark birds.


Black and Red Broadbill

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these photographs as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them.


Superb Bird of Paradise

This is my all time favorite weirdo bird. And if you don’t agree? Watch the short video clip and get back to me.



Crested Auklet

Can you imagine having a permanent curlicue on your forehead?


Red Headed Vulture

If you see this fellow flying around overhead… kiss your butt goodbye.


Southern Lapwing

Is it me? Or is this beauty the perfect Dr. Seuss character.


Lesser Flamingo

If you’ve never taken the time to watch a frolicking flock of flamingoes? You haven’t yet lived.


Mandarin Duck

Birds…. beauty and grace in motion.

Just ask Joel.



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