Weed is the answer.


The question – How do you get your new adopted kitty to relax?

The answer – Weed. Or as close to chronic as our 4 legged furry friends can get.



Five days in – the recent addition to the family had been slowly acclimating to our house and routines… but he was still running under the bed or behind the couch every time we made noise.

Enter the catnip pouch.

I should have thought of this sooner… because now?



We have one very chill feline.



23 thoughts on “Weed is the answer.”

  1. Charlie Bruiser O’Houlihan says well done Mrs River Hooman. Charlie says pick a name because “here Kitty” isn’t a name and then he’ll be named by the neighbor felines and his nickname will be Mickey Cat Beans, Henry Tuxedo or Ferris Meweller. Technically the last ones been taken but, how many Charlie’s or Jane Smiths are there? 🤔😺😸

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