Going out on a limb… Part 2.


If you’re back this morning it must mean you want to know how my reading with the psychic went back in 2013. Funny, eight years later and I still have to pinch myself when I think about it. Roll your eyes, scoff, write me off as a nutcase… I don’t care. I would have done the same if I hadn’t experienced it myself. You know me…I’m a pragmatic chicka. A realist. There have only been a handful of things in my life I can’t explain…. and this was one of them. So jump aboard the crazy train and thank Swinged Cat  for opening up my archive with his request for sharing weird experiences.

My evening with spirits…. **Friends only**

 January 29th 2013 at 9:47am by rivergirl

I’m not sure I know where to begin.

And if I start rambling, please forgive me…it was a very emotional experience.

The psychic was a lovely woman who made me feel completely at ease. There was no incense, no crystal ball, just a table and the prerequisite box of tissues. She instructed me at the beginning of the session not to volunteer any information. Only to acknowledge or negate what she said. So for all you skeptics, there was no way she was pulling details of my life from me since all I said for an entire hour was yes or no.

I have to say it felt surreal. The moment we started she told me there was a man, who she felt was my father, waiting for me. I won’t go into all the details since none of you knew him….suffice it to say she had him down cold. There was nothing she related that wasn’t completely accurate. She had his personality, his job, his appearance, his love for my mother, his wartime experience, his poor health, his dry sense of humor, his love of the sea. She saw him surrounded by books, artist’s brushes, animals and gardens. She spoke of his grief over the loss of his brother when he was young, of his regrets in not being able to watch me grow up, his sense of duty towards his widowed mother and awful sister.

(And let me tell you…she had her down pat also. My hateful aunt who the psychic called spoiled, entitled and bitter. Fittingly, she is as alone in death as she was in life. Nice to know you really do reap what you sow. 👍)

I think the most amazing thing I came away from this experience with was the knowledge that our loved ones are always with us. My father said he was glad I had found a good man who loved me. That we were secure financially, that we were happy. He knew my husband had been in uniform and was older than I. He spoke of the big building project we had undertaken (the barn!) and how well we worked together as a team. He said he had been worried for me in my early teenage years right after he died because I, how shall we say….ran a little wild. (Which I totally did!) He said he appreciated the fact that I care for my mother… and to please have patience with her… as he had to, for she is not a strong woman.

The psychic told me of my father being there the night of the Marine Corps ball and how lovely he thought I looked in my dress. Of how proud he was of me for finding my own voice after so many years of being a shy wallflower. (Yeah….I know, hard to believe but at one time I was.) He wanted me to know that our beloved beagle Hiram was beside him now as he had been in life….which made the animal lover in me rejoice. He told me to lead the life I wanted to lead…that it is the regrets we take with us. And even though I never felt neglected as a child, his biggest regret was that he worked too hard and too long and didn’t spend enough time with my mother and me. He spoke of many little childhood memories I had all but forgotten. He spoke of the grief he carried over the loss of my brothers and sister. (My mother had multiple miscarriages early in their marriage) As I said…it was surreal.

Though I did choke up a few times….I didn’t babble. Which is surprising because even after all these years, I can’t often speak of my father without crying. I think I might have been too stunned for tears. My jaw was probably hanging open half the time because even though this was exactly what I had hoped for…part of me didn’t believe it could really happen. I’d happily crossed over into the Twilight Zone… and no one could have been more surprised. But aside from the other worldly vibe? The over all feeling of the evening was peace.

And love….above all, love.

For 35 years I have missed my father…. and wished over and over again that he could have shared my life as a teenager, as a young woman, as an adult. And now, the most remarkable thing I realized?

 He has.


29 thoughts on “Going out on a limb… Part 2.”

  1. A lovely conclusion to an interesting experience. You’re lucky to have realized that what you wanted most, your father to be with you, was indeed happening all along. Sometimes life is just as it’s meant to be and you have a moment of grace wherein you know things are right.

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  2. Wow. How much comfort this reading must have given you. What a wonderful gift. With powerful messages. I am taking comfort in this that my beloved family members must be still watching over me as well. Thank you for sharing!


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  3. What an amazing experience. Did you catch the Netflix series “Surviving Death,” by chance? I think you might find it interesting. There’s an entire episode devoted to psychics.

    Hoping for additional stories…I certainly don’t think you’re crazy.

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    1. No, we live in the boons and can’t stream very well so Netflix is a chore. While my experience was mind blowing… I’m still not totally on board with the industry as a whole and tend to avoid shows like that. Don’t want to cheapen my reading in any way. 😉

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      1. I absolutely believd some people can connect.

        At yhr same time, friends of mine were friends with one of the famous psychics of the 90s… one who made a lot of daytime talkshow appearances (I don’t recall a name). They said he was a total fake.

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  4. Perfect! You can tell a good evidential medium as they will tell you not to give them any information – just confirm the information. So glad you got to experience one of the best. It’s a very healing experience, particularly for those in the unbearable pain of grief.

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    1. There was absolutely nothing for a skeptic like me to yell…. gotcha! My father died long before social media and I don’t often talk about him. It’s just as you said…. healing.


  5. Thank you for sharing! Every time I go to a psychic my brother comes through…I need that to happen! He was 44 when he passed and I always like to know he is okay. My mom passed 45 yrs ago…she came through the last time I went…as did my step-mother. It does the heart and soul good! I love that your friend did this for you.

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  6. River…I don’t know how else to reach you but I keep getting removed as a follower…I posted today for the first time in 5 months and a friend had said she got a message I closed my account! I know you worry about trolls following you! I am not a troll! I am a lazy poster with a ton of computer issues! I love your posts…please don’t keep removing me!

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    1. I’ve never removed you…. honest! Dan did a post a while back about long time readers being randomly dropped. He’s contacted the engineers about it as well. I have no explanation… except it’s not me. Really. Though when I click on your name, it says your site has been deleted.

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      1. Thank you for responding. Someone else told me my site was deleted also. I hadn’t posted in awhile but I did yesterday and people read it so it’s very weird.

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