23 thoughts on “Because they made me laugh.”

  1. That clock is absolutely AWESOME 😀

    Kudos for not providing a link to it, though it did mean I had to use fingers to type the address in… only to find that the price of the item is listed in dollars, which probably means that the company is US-based, and I’ve no doubt that the clock was probably made in China — and I try my best to avoid encouraging the proliferation of cheap trinkets that have been shipped around the planet, as the environmental cost of that is ‘externalised’, to use the economist’s disingenuous term. (Sorry, got onto a bit of a rant, there; Basil would, I think, be proud of me.)

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  2. The floating gnome is enough to get a 15 year old boy excited. And although not a fan of Maine (too cold), it is also the only license plate with a picture of an expensive dinner on it. The pig in Australia – did the Cow kick his twirly tailed ass?

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  3. That clock is awesome!! Yes I’m a Monty Python fan….especially the Spanish Inquisition bit, has me rolling. As for the pig, good for the tiny dude, if he thinks he can take on a cow being drunk then, more power to him/her. I’m sure the cow was just standing there laughing at a drunk pig…lol.

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