OSHA who…?


My husband finally fixed two of the three leaking gutters he put up a while back. Although gerry rigged would be a more apt description.

The repairs involved rolled metal sheeting and so much cursing I disappeared into the house for most of it. But when I went to check the progress on the barn a few hours later….



I marveled at the non OSHA approved stabilizing device he had employed.



Extension ladder in fear of falling over?

Tie it to a post.


When that repair was complete, he moved onto the section of leaking gutter on the garage and gathered his tools.



When I followed him over and saw a section of tree limb was involved? I did what any self respecting spouse would do… and went back in the house.


15 thoughts on “OSHA who…?”

  1. Some things just shouldn’t be watched. When my brothers and I climbed the maple tree in our front yard as kids, my mother closed the drapes inside the house. “If you fell, I didn’t want to watch,” was her explanation.

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