This has gotten out of hand.


Climate change. One of the most important issues of our time.

Waters are warming, ice caps are shrinking, forests are burning. Hurricanes are more frequent, icebergs are melting, deserts are expanding. The precious ozone layer is being destroyed and temperatures are rising.

We know it, and yet most of us don’t care.

Well now hear this:

It’s beginning to affect the wine. …



And shit just got real.



Oh! The horror….



21 thoughts on “This has gotten out of hand.”

      1. Did you Know that since August of 2020 Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean increased by more than 30 percent and is currently the highest it’s been in nine years, according to the Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility’s High Latitude Processing Center? It is freezing so fast Icebreakers have been called back for fear of being trapped? I know…MSNBD-, CNNLOL and HuffandwePuffington post missed this little bit of information.

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      2. That article was from 2016. I cannot find the news story I read in 2020, but a huge chunk of the Antarctic ice fell off the continent, affecting the breeding grounds of millions of penguins and other sea birds and animals. Climate change is real, and it is affecting everyone. If we keep on ignoring it as we are wont, it is not going to go away. But we are!

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