Explanation needed.


Advertisers will tell you anything to get you to purchase their products, no matter how ridiculous the claim.

Take this one for example….



Self cleaning sheets.

Please explain how that’s going to work…. because I’m sure a lot of rent by the hour motels would be interested.



Hip therapy?

I’m sorry, but that looks more like a leather chastity belt to me.


17 thoughts on “Explanation needed.”

  1. Some of my old dorm mates thought they had self-cleaning sheets. But judging from the color and eau-de-testosterone, I think maybe they should have seen the laundry room a bit more often …

    Leather chastity belt? Yeah, I can kinda see how that could help with some types of hip pain ….


  2. My bad back has devolved to pain mainly surrounding my right hip. That therapy belt still doesn’t have any appeal though, and I’m not even mad about the chastity part. Hah!


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  3. The hip therapy pain reliever isn’t for a specific joint. It’s hip as in cool, groovy, with it, right on, copacetic, you dig, daddy-o?
    I understand there’s a joint that relieves pain but that’s a whole ‘nother kind of joint.

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