I finally have proof.


Remember when I asked if anyone in our town wanted some apples on Facebook a while back?



And a nice woman with two children came over to harvest some of the bonanza?

Well, she left me a nice surprise in the mailbox the other day.



A jar of homemade applesauce. And while that was thoughtful enough? The best part was this…



Proof of awesomeness to show my husband. … because for some reason he never believes me when I tell him.



32 thoughts on “I finally have proof.”

  1. Lovely note!

    And speaking of proof . . . here’s a gift you might want to request from Santa this Christmas:

    A booze encyclopedia!

    Drink cocktails, and turn it into research. That’s what two experts on bars and alcohol did.

    David Wondrich and Noah Rothbaum have created a book that they say has no clear antecedent: “The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails,” a 900-page tome with more than 1,150 entries on alcoholic drinks. They started the project about a decade ago. “Naïvely, going into it, I thought, ‘We’ll do this two, three years,’” Rothbaum told The Times.

    In the book, you will find that rum got its start in Asia; that the secret recipe for the Italian aperitivo Campari was based on Stoughton’s bitters, an English product; and that rock and rye, a sweetened whiskey drink that has recently made a comeback, began as a quack cure for tuberculosis. — Claire Moses, a Morning writer

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  2. So, first, our WP handles have the same initials (though my r is uncapitalized), and now our given names have the same initial. Can we take this any further? Does your last name, now or earlier, start with an M? That would be too weird!
    (Actually, my birth name started with a G, but I hated that and changed it to a J. So much nicer to look at, lol!)

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      1. How about a D? Legally my family name began with a D, but my father changed it because he did not want to have a French/Metis name. I have no idea what my grandmother thought about that, as it was her last name that was on our original birth certificates.

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      2. Nothing to e sorry for, unless you wanted us to be spiritually related. We are spiritually related in my universe. All living beings are spiritually related, lol.

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