Turkey goodness.


If you’re a turkey leftover hater? Move along… River don’t have time for that nonsense.

But if you cherish every last scrap of that delectable Thanksgiving bird and are in need of one more yummy recipe to stretch the remaining poultry?

Behold the glory that is River’s Creamy Turkey and Wild Rice soup!



We had turkey dinner.

Then we had turkey tettrazini, hot turkey sandwiches, cold turkey sandwiches and turkey salad.

Today, I’m using the very last of the meat to make my all time favorite soup.

It’s so thick and rich … you might as well call it stew.



Stick to your ribs comfort food. When you’ve had a bowl of this, you know it.

Of course my texture sensitive husband hates all things crunchy ( rosemary, caraway seeds etc ) so I have to mix the wild rice with white…



But that adds an extra layer of thickness while still retaining the flavor, so it’s an acceptable adaptation.

What’s that…

You have leftover turkey without a home?



Get cookin’.

You won’t be sorry.



19 thoughts on “Turkey goodness.”

  1. I will be making turkey soup this very afternoon. As a board certified soup doctoring specialist, I feel it is my duty to put this to the test. I will also have to make allowances for my lovely wife’s food foibles, but it looks like I can make something good out of it. Thanks for posting this and I’ll let you know how it comes out.

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