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Sad, but true.


While I’m sure there are thousands of people using their forced quarantine time at home to be useful and productive….

I can honestly say I’m not one of them.



I’m not learning a new language, sewing masks for the homeless or even organizing my shoe closet.

What… you don’t have a closet solely devoted to shoes?



What I am doing is cooking.

And eating.

Trying new recipes.

And eating.

Resurrecting old recipes.

And eating.

Making up recipes.

And eating.

Are you noticing the trend here?




That sounds about right.

And while I had been dieting and exercising and lost 20 odd pounds before the virus locked me inside with the refrigerator?




That’s pretty much where I am now.



And that’s probably where I’ll be when this whole mess is over.



Now if you’ll excuse me, there are some double fudge caramel brownies in the kitchen that look lonely.

We can’t have that.

Just…. no.


Have you noticed how everyone is posting their favorite recipes online lately?

Quarantine fever is driving everyone into the kitchen and they just can’t wait to share.

Every time I look I’m inundated with pleas of,  “Try this, you’ll love it!” or  “Our family’s favorite. You won’t be disappointed!”

In truth, I rarely love it…. and am more often than not disappointed.


Friends are always extolling the virtues of kale, tumeric, tofu and other completely unappealing things…




And after the recipe I saw yesterday?

I realize I simply need new friends.





I’m pretty sure parsnip spice cake won’t be happening in our kitchen any time soon.



Revolutionary Museum finale…. a farm, some fowl, and a few gag worthy recipes.


The end of our living history tour was a typical Yorktown, Virginia farm of 18th century.




It re-creates the life of Edward Moss,  and you can read a little about it  here.




The house was simple, but comfortable enough for the time…




Or so Edward told us.




There was a separate building for cooking… where they were currently following old recipes and baking pies.




Apparently you used to be able to sample the food, but the health department put the kibosh on that and now you can only drool.




And although the pie smelled great, I can’t say I’d be too eager to try any of these recipes.




Calf’s head surprise…?







Transmogrified pigeon?

Yeah…  I’ll pass on that as well.

I did get a kick out of this spice jar stopper though.




As promised….




Some chickens.




Because no matter where I go, I tend to find fowl.




There was candle making.




And slave quarters.




Complete with….




You guessed it.





There was a tobacco drying shed, because back then tobacco equaled money.




And if you’ve never had occasion to be in one?




Trust me… it smells wonderful.




A few more buildings…




A lot more fencing…. and we were done.








After I said goodbye to the resident ducks.




I do love me some waterfowl.



And they talk about women!


The hunt for a new refrigerator continues, and just as I had finished extensive research and narrowed the field down to this one…




The husband decided he wanted to go shopping and check them out for himself.

Granted, it’s a large purchase and I wanted him to like what I chose.

But ya know what?



I took him to the store and showed him my choice, which he walked right by and made a bee line for:




And again? No.

Aside from the jaw dropping price tag? There’s no way I’m going to buy a refrigerator that tells me I’m out of cucumbers or what to cook for dinner.

Christ, do we really need “smart” appliances?

The day I’m too old and doddering to realize I’m out of cucumbers? I’ll stop cooking altogether.

In case you’re unfamiliar, there’s basically a computer on the door. You can make grocery lists, find recipes with the ingredients it knows are in there, and it will even link with your phone so you can check your expiration dates from remote locations.

Among other useful things….





All I want is cold food and ice.


smart fridge


Great. Scratch the ice.

So we shopped, and shopped, and shopped.

And the husband said that one’s shelves were too small,  that one’s lights were too bright, that one’s drawers were too deep…. etc etc etc.

To which, after grueling 5 hours I said..

“Come on Goldilocks!”




So he picked one.




And though it’s almost exactly the same as the one I’d picked a week earlier?

This one is $700 more.



So, men?

I don’t want to hear you say your wives are spending all the money.

My husband can out shop the best of ’em.