When I was writing the post about my beloved small batch artisan gin, I searched Google images for an ‘Oh, the horror!’ meme…



This was what I chose, but it was the image that popped up first that had me a trifle bewildered.



As you probably know by now, I’m a lefty.

A tree hugging, pro choice, marriage equality, liberal Democrat. I believe in exploring alternative energy sources, saving the environment and climate change. I advocate for voting rights, helping those less fortunate and the wealthy paying their fair of taxes.

I want a strong economy, a support system for veterans and strict regulations on global polluters.

What I have never wanted, no less ever considered?

Mutant armored capybaras.

What. The. Utter. …


If someone on the other side of the political spectrum could respectfully explain this… I’d be most appreciative.


27 thoughts on “Inexplicable.”

  1. The only smart choice at this juncture is to turn around 180 degrees an run back to the subject of small batch artisan gin at top speed. This is possibly worse than the killer rabbits in Monty Python.

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  2. Do you know any “Lefties” who want war? I don’t! This picture is a sick idea of who we are. It is bad enough sending people to war, we are certainly not going to send innocent animals to fight for something not worth fighting over in the first place!

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      1. They, the republicans, would rather kill animals than people, I think. But why they would suggest that is what lefties would want, just to make us look like horrible people.
        But actually, there was a science fiction story years ago about using animals to be weapons. The scientists wired them to aim and shoot weapons somehow. I think this is probably where the idea of this came from.

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  3. The only possible point of that image which I can see is that the far right wants people to think that aliens will have free reign to attack us if leftists who oppose all gun restrictions have their way.

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