25 thoughts on “These are so a-peeling.”

  1. If I got these, the first time I did anything that didn’t involve staring at the bananas, Otto would be off with them and they would be gone forever. But they are cute. I wonder how Cathy would feel about a goldfish.

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  2. I have to ask. How the hell does a hat save a banana? From what? Or whom? Does this mean a hat can save us from Covid? Only if it’s a Covid Hat, I guess. There’s a new business for Boo!

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  3. When I was in my mid 20s I woke one day and could no longer stand the taste or smell of bananas…the hats are cute but for $25 I don’t think bananas need hats

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      1. No…because I don’t care to get close enough to smell one. 😂😂😂
        My granddaughter loves them so they are in my house but I demand the trash get taken out when she eats one. And she keeps making me banana bread and muffins thinking she can change my mind. She is 9…she doesn’t know better. 😂

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