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He’s such a slacker.


Today is Mother’s Day and Lord Dudley Mountcatten marked the occasion by doing absolutely nothing. He didn’t hack me up a hairball, he didn’t push his food bowl my way… he didn’t even drop a dead mouse at my feet. What a slacker!



I mean really, would it have killed him to order me a box of cocktail chocolates?



No, it would not. The lazy sod sleeps on the keyboard for heaven’s sake… and don’t tell me he doesn’t have thumbs. Those paws are more dexterous than you think.



(Don’t laugh, kitty mothers count.) Come on Dudley… River needs a chocolate covered margarita.



See? This cat made breakfast…. I don’t think I’m being at all unreasonable.



It’s been a while since I opened my can of WordPress Spam, so let’s take a look and have a laugh.

Treme eka

19 hours ago

You show me yours, I’ll show you mine.

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I suppose with a blog title like You show me yours, I’ll show you mine this comment shouldn’t be surprising. And if the witch doctor is reuniting happy herpes free couples? Who am I to judge.



Nicolette Moster


Day 15… Small bathrooms and antique store Hell, where River reexamines how much she really loves her husband.

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I’m not sure how a post about antique shopping aids in feline growth, but it’s nice to see spammers love their pets.



Sol Strohl

2 days ago·


Cape Cod Day 2, a feel for the Cape…. and food.

Help me out here…who is the white kevin hart?

I certainly don’t know the answer to that. And to be honest, I seriously doubt we even need one.



Sorry Kevin, but I am.



6 hours ago·

Right away I am going to do my breakfast, once having my breakfast coming yet again to read other news.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And clearly, this person prefers my blog to the morning newspaper. Makes me wonder if my posts have the same physiological effects as oatmeal.



Man cave pool tournament… the senior division.


My husband went to breakfast last weekend and met up with his old cronies for the first time in almost a year. They’re a group of men who commandeer a large table at our local restaurant, drink endless cups of coffee and solve the world’s problems. Since he hadn’t seen them in a while, the husband filled them in on our storage barn to man cave transformation. When he got to the part about the pool table, an 85 year old gentleman said he loved to play…. so naturally he received an invitation.



Husband won the first game and I’m sure he was thinking he should take it easy on the older man.



Which was about the time this delightful senior citizen began to whip my beloved’s ass.



85? Maybe so. But he had no problem running the table for the next three games.



The fifth found my husband in a pickle. Because that sly senior plays a good defensive game as well.



The husband had stripes.




CSA, grocery shopping in Maine… and pie.


A slightly smaller bounty this week as the neighbor we split with liked more of the offerings than we did.



But there were fairy tale eggplants, so I should probably start this blog with Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time in Maine…. a local grocery store advertised their weekly ware.



Squid jigs at the grocery store.

You know you’re in Maine when….




And meanwhile down at the River ranch, there was pie.



Glorious lattice crust fresh blueberry pie.



No, I couldn’t wait for it to cool completely.



And yes, I had pie for breakfast the next morning.

If that’s wrong?

I don’t want to be right.

Day 13….. Colonial Williamsburg, the Rockefellers and Bassett Hall




The day started with biscuits and gravy for me and two plates of chipped beef on toast for the husband. The waitress thought he was kidding when he asked for a second helping… but no, he was serious.




Technically no, that’s made with hamburger.

But I digress…

Since the weather was beautiful that day we headed back over to Colonial Williamsburg to finish exploring.




First up, Bassett Hall. Home to John D. Rockefeller Jr and his wife Abby Aldrich Rockefeller. I was completely unaware that the Rockefellers were the ones responsible for the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg and the idea of opening it to the public.

For a wonderful history of how and why, watch this:




Seeing the interior of the house meant taking the tour…




And this distinguished gentleman was our guide. He was a font of knowledge as well as legally blind.




It was a lovely home.








And not nearly as grand as their other residences.




They relaxed here.




Didn’t entertain socially.




And enjoyed time with family.




In their eyes it was a country home.




And hey….. there was a chicken over the mantle, so maybe it was.




I’m sure Abby didn’t spend much time in here….




But I liked the funky sinks….




And the high tech for the time fridge.




Next to the kitchen was the servants quarters…




Which didn’t look too bad either.




Done with the tour….




We began to roam the grounds….




But not before my husband managed to start a political discussion with our guide. I imagine they’re instructed not to engage…. and he remained as neutral as Switzerland. Very diplomatic.




The gardens were a bit bare since it was December.




But the shrubbery was impressive.




And who wouldn’t love a private tea house in their backyard?




How sweet is that!




We happily strolled around….




Enjoying the beautiful day…




And felt like Rockefellers.

Minus the large sums of cash and thinking hey…




That garage would make a pretty nice house in itself.




Day 11….love notes, breakfast, a liquor store and last minute Christmas shopping in Colonial Williamsburg.


The eleventh day of our vacation started at our timeshare resort condo…




Where I found this:




A note from the grandchild of our hearts.

Sorry… but there’s no way better way to start the day than that.




Although biscuits and gravy with home fries comes close.

We had a full day of Christmas gift shopping ahead of us and needed hearty sustenance. And in the south?




That includes the options of scrapple, fried catfish, grits or bologna and eggs.

The husband’s utterly favorite breakfast is chipped beef on toast and he rarely finds it in Maine… so when we stumbled on the Southern Pancake and Waffle House in Williamsburg?




He wanted to go every morning…. which we pretty much did from then on.




But hey, there were chickens in every window so how could we lose?

Our first stop that day was a liquor store in anticipation of our upcoming Christmas Day in North Carolina.

For future reference…. the first way to tell you’re in a liquor store in the south?




There’s a still.




Still searching for that silly wine filter, I thought we could try Merchant’s Square…. which is the shopping section of Colonial Williamsburg I couldn’t get the husband to check out the previous week.




As with all areas there, it was lovely.




Filled with interesting high end shops… like this interior design place.




Giant double diamond ring light fixture anyone…?




We happily strolled aroiund, ducking in and out of the stores with all the other desperate  Holy crap it’s Christmas Eve and I don’t have a gift!   shoppers.

Naturally I had to buy a souvenir tee shirt –




Truer words were ne’er spoke.




And towards late afternoon when my stomach started grumbling?

This happened.




Someone saw the husband’s Marine Corps hat, said Semper Fi, and they were off….




On a 38 minute long conversation about who was stationed where, when and with whom.

Yes. I timed it….




While he talked?




I walked.




Agreed wholeheartedly with a sign.




And explored a little more…




Of the colonial town.




And hey, if you’re going to dress up in period costume and stand on the sidewalk?




Don’t give me the stink eye when I take your picture.

Turning back around hoping the other half had finished talking…




I saw snow.




Granted it wasn’t very much, but it surprised me to see any at all.




The ice skating rink surprised me as well.





In Maine we wait for ponds to freeze over.




In Virginia they just build one… and how they keep it frozen in 60 degree temperatures is a mystery to me.



Day 10… A little revolution now and then is a good thing. Or so I’ve heard.


We said goodbye to our company early on the morning of vacation day 10, promising to think about joining them for Christmas. The plan was to head down to Yorktown where I’d heard their American Revolution Museum was quite something….. but first, a Golden Corral buffet breakfast.




Biscuits and gravy and cheesy hashbrown casserole.

Long live the artery clogging south!

The museum?




Was everything they said it was…. and a little bit more.




A sprawling place chock full of fascinating history.

(If that’s not your thing? Leave now… I’ll try not to hold it against you.)

2019 was the 400th anniversary of the arrival in America of the first enslaved people from West Africa and the museum devoted an entire section to the subject.




Most of it was hard to read.

To view.

And to understand how seemingly otherwise good people could think this practice was just.




But though horrible, it is a part of this country’s story.




There were many free people of color during the Revolutionary era, and a large number fought alongside the patriots who would later come to own them.

A reprehensible thought.




One of the most stunning documents was this:




Seeing it in black and white gave me a chill.




And the descriptions?








I can’t even imagine.




Even the father of our country wasn’t immune.




I certainly never read that in any school textbook.




Liberty… yes.

But not for all.