If only I could talk the husband into this….


As previously mentioned, my husband has stuff.

A lot of stuff.

So much *ucking stuff.

It’s stuff he refuses to donate or throw out, and we know he’ll never get around to selling it…. no matter how hard it is to maneuver around the piles.



But he does like to give things away now and then…. so when I saw this on Facebook? An evil chuckle escaped my lips.



I love this idea!

Please include your physical address with your comment. Something old and utterly useless could be coming your way.


56 thoughts on “If only I could talk the husband into this….”

  1. This would be by far the Best.Decluttering.Tip.Ever if America could leave Trump in a house where he’d never be seen again (say, the “Big House”)….but he’ll probably die of old age before he gets his just ‘deserts’

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  2. When I was a kid I lived in base housing at the Naval Weapons Station in Charleston. Just about every weekend I could go out on my bike and find a family who had orders, and therefore had to get rid of a bunch of stuff, which mostly belonged to the kids. That’s where I developed the compulsion to look through piles of crap in people’s front yards.

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      1. I hope not. If he and I are related and either you or I are adopted, things could get a little weird. Either way, aren’t you glad you don’t have any kids?


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