24 thoughts on “Oh, the difference a day makes.”

  1. I have an early childhood memory of staying in my uncle’s cabin on Green Lake and seeing it snow one day. I’ve long thought that must have been a dream. Snow in July? Now I can believe it really happened.

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      1. For 6 months a year? I lived in New Brunswick for a number of years, and because of the humidity the winters did feel cold, but they were over almost as soon as they arrived. Damn. One year the trees were growing new leaves in January, it was so warm. (Stupid trees! Two weeks later a new storm arrived, and all those leaves died. There were alot of leafless trees that summer, as I recall. They must have had nervous breakdowns…

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      2. I recall Spring in NB as starting late February, early March. Flowers were blooming in April. Maybe that border at Calais changes things more than I thought. Or does the St. Croix River divide more than just two nations?

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      3. Those are what winter used to be, all bets are off now. Decembers without snow, melting and freezing in January. Last week it was 62 degrees, then snowed the next day. Mother Nature is drunk.


      4. Or she is just so clogged up with hydrocarbons she can’t breathe properly. We need to give her a ventilator, only, we don’t kmow what size she needs. Obviously, a MIGHTY BIG ONE!

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      5. What’s left of it is no longer big enough. Canada had extensive old- growth forests. Those are disappearing too. Humans just cannot leave good things alone. If it isn’t turning a profit for someone (meaning not us) then it has no value.

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  2. purdy much…..Remember, Feb is just practice for March. Hopefully comes in like a Lion … but not for us this year. NICE weather all this week. Which means the end of the month? All hell will break loose….

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