Damn. I’d sell them my dust much cheaper..



Yes, someone just paid half a million dollars for a few specks of dust. And while the bunnies under my bed may not be nearly as exotic, for quantity… they can’t be beaten.

Here’s the gist of the moon dust saga : In 1969 Neil Armstrong gathered moon dust in a bag, which was put in another bag for transport to earth. Apparently the government is very greedy about their dust and forbids private citizens from owning it ….so instead of handing it out as party favors, the dust bag was loaned to a space museum in Kansas.

Problem. Museum directory Max Ary was a crook who was convicted of auctioning off space artifacts in 2005. The Marshall Service seized and then auctioned some of his items much to NASA’s dismay. The woman who bought the bag of dust… for $995… figured it might be worth a bit more and shipped it to NASA for verification.

NASA refused to give it back. She took them to court and won her dust, as well as $1.8 million. But NASA had used carbon tape to pick up a few grains of the dust to test, and these were not returned… so she sued again. It’s these tiny flecks that just brought half a million.



So please, if you have extra cash lying around and are interested in purchasing some dust? Let me know. Mine may not come from outer space but collection is not an issue.


16 thoughts on “Damn. I’d sell them my dust much cheaper..”

  1. I think it sucks that our victim went after NASA because they had the deepest pockets. The museum director had no right to sell the moon dust and she, therefore, had no right to own it, no matter what she paid. NASA didn’t do anything to defraud or deceive her. All they did was reclaim what was theirs in the first place. Some people like to think “Justice” means getting everything you want. Sad, real sad.

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