Let’s play.



I’ll go first..

Slept in my Pink Floyd T-shirt and woke up Comfortably Numb.

*It’s happened, I can’t lie.*

Slept in my Neil Young T-shirt and woke up on Sugar Mountain.

*I once slept alongside a box of Dunkin Donuts, so that’s close enough.*

Slept in my Rolling Stones T-shirt and woke up with my 19th Nervous Breakdown.

*Not yet, but there’s still time.*

Slept in my Grateful Dead T-shirt and woke up with Uncle John’s Band.

*No comment!*

( Extra points if you actually own the T-shirts as I do. )

So what did you wake up with?


57 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. I always look forward to these, here goes.

    I fell asleep in my Pink Floyd t-shirt and woke up on the dark side of the moon. I wish you were here.
    I went to sleep in my John Denver t-shirt and when I awoke I was Rocky Mountain high…yeah.
    I went to sleep in my Reverend Horton Heat t-shirt and when I woke up it was martini time.
    I slept in my Southern Culture on the Skids t-shirt and, sometime in the night, I put my teeth up on the window sill.
    I slept in my Cramps t-shirt and the first thing I said was “Let’s get Fucked Up!”
    Good one, thanks

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  2. The Pink Floyd shirt was from 1988 and I wore it until it disintegrated. My friends got me the John Denver shirt for my last birthday. Got the Horton heat, Southern Culture and Cramps t-shirts, as well as some others, but I don’t want to jam up the thread while it’s still new.

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  3. Slept in my Metallica t-shirt and woke up Riding the Lightning…..YYYAAASSSSS!!
    I slept in my Iron Maiden shirt and woke up a Stranger In A Strange Land.
    Slept in my AC/DC shirt and woke up Thunderstruck.

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  4. I slept in my Santana t-shirt and woke up smooth. When I woke up in my Cat Stevens t-shirt I was being followed by a moonshadow. When I slept in my KISS t-shirt I woke up in Detroit Rock City.
    I fell asleep in my REM t-shirt and when I awoke, I had lost my religion. GOD DAMMIT!

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  5. I tried to sleep in my Animals t-shirt, but woke up Before We Were So Rudely Interripted. So I put on my Jimi t-shirt, and, ‘Scuse Me, While I Kiss the Sky, but I never got to sleep because The Doors decided to Light My (bed on) Fire. Suddenly Janis appeared, and she told me to Cry Baby and that put the flames out. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons summed it all up with Oh, What a Night!

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  6. Slept in my Jimmy Buffet t-shirt and woke up in Margaritaville . . . but I still knew it was 5 o’clock somewhere. 😀

    I have an article you might enjoy ~ it’s about a chicken that transitioned into a rooster ~ you have to scroll past the story on the orange blossoms and the story on the tea party to see the story on Buttercup becoming Billy and learning to crow:


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      1. I had a feeling the article would tickle your funny bone . . . and yes it is indeed the perfect name for Buttercup as she/he crows about her//his transition to Billy. 😀

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    1. I tried to send the following comment:

      Please send this video to Ron De Santis. I am sure he will want to make a law against trans chickens!

      But it could only be sent on Facebook, and I have no Facebook!


  7. I slept in my Sarah McLachlan t-shirt and when I awoke I was building a mystery.
    I was about to go to sleep in a Ted Nugent t-shirt, but I remembered I didn’t own one because that guy’s such an asshole, so I took the night off.
    When I woke up in my Live t-shirt I was running to the water.
    I couldn’t afford a shirt at the John Prine show, but when I woke from my Spanish pipe dream I was blowing up my TV. Good move.
    Sleeping in my Rush t-shirt revealed that I was nobody’s hero, but when Cathy and I woke up together, dressed in our David Bowie shirts, we knew that we could be heroes, just for one day. That was our wedding song.

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  8. I’m going to go for some Australian bands, which could be a little PG:

    Slept in my The Angels t-shirt and woke up wondering ‘Am I ever gonna see your face again’ (the response was ‘no way, get fucked, fuck off.’ This is what Australians actually sing in response when they hear this song).

    …Considering I woke up in my Angels t-shirt, I decided to ‘Take a long line’.

    Slept in my Radiators t-shirt and woke up with someone giving me head.

    Slept in my Models t-shirt and I woke up thinking I heard motion

    Slept in my Eurogliders t-shirt and I woke up ‘Absolutely’ sure of everything but then I thought ‘Maybe Only I Dream’. Now I ‘Can’t wait to see you’ anticipating ‘We will together’.

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