Let’s play.


Admit it. You have nothing better to do right now…



Seeing that our yard/property is covered in flowers instead of vegetables and the pear tree, apple trees, and blueberry bushes aren’t ready to harvest yet ….

I’m going to have to go with woodchuck.




( But with all the fruit I feed them, they’d probably be sweet. )

So what’s on your dinner table tonight?


29 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. Cathy grows some herbs, bad luck with basil, so our groundhog dinner would be well seasoned. I told her about it and she vetoed the groundhog in favor of rabbit. We have lots of little ones around right now, tender and delicious. I like the taste of blackberries but not the little seeds that get jammed between my teeth.

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  2. A nice salad with lettuce, spinach, radishes, snap peas, green onions, and cherry tomatoes. Some raspberries. The potatoes should be getting ready for harvesting, too. If we’re still hungry after that, I suppose we can raid the bird feeders for black oil sunflowers and a suet cake or two.

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