17 thoughts on “BOGO”

  1. Yes! Everything I have is barely surviving the 4th straight week of hardly any rain and 100 temps. I need more to fill my indoors and give me some hope! I took angled shots of the blooms holding on and have carefully brought them in when they need breaks. It’s such a labor of love that I’m enjoying. Just need more color!

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      1. I KNOW! UGH! Crunch, crunch.,…little Ms. Finley brings in a LOT of crunched leaves on her little 3 paws. I saw the forecast this morning and it looks like we might get rain at the end of the week! I hope for you too!

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    1. I’ve seen climate change in my lifetime. When I moved to Maine if you wanted an air conditioned car it had to be special ordered, we never needed it. Now? My lawn is crunching and we’ve had a solid week in the 90’s. It’s nuts.


      1. I don’t live that far from the Arctic Circle, relatively speaking. Our summer days last over 20 hours of sunlight, with 4 hours of twilight. We should not have the hottest weather in Canada. But in the last few years we have spent numerous days as Canada’s Hot Spot.
        Mind you, we still spend lots of days as Canada’s coldest spot in winter. It would be okay if those temperatures went away.
        Climate change is certifiably real!

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