23 thoughts on “The last of the nibblers.”

      1. Getting ready for winter, I guess. I just hope s/he doesn’t get so ready some fox decides to make a meal of her. So keep the foxes fat too, so they won’t look at your other guests. 🤐

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      2. Momma anything is a scary proposition. So is a kitty daddy. A little girl came into our yard one day many years ago to look at our young Isis, maybe 8 months old at the time. She backed Isis into a corner, so Isis scratched and bit her in defence. The girl when running home crying. Ten minutes lster this big burly guy comes into our yard carrying a hammer. “”Where’s that damn cat! I’m going to kill it!” Being a pacifist my response scared even me. I flew out of the house, me a 6′ tall guy weighing all of 160 lbs at the time, skinny as a rail, grabbed the hammer out of his hand before he knew it, and I told him if he took another step towards my cat he would be a dead man. My wife at the time told me my face was redder than fire and there was steam coming out of my esrs. The guy, weighing at least 250 lbs of mostly muscle, turned tail and ran home. I still have that hammer to this day. The look on the guy’s face, according to my wife was bloodless white skin and eyes that popped out of his head. What I would have done if he took another step forward I have no idea, but obvously you don’t threaten my cat!
        Isis ended ip in quarantine for two weeks to make sure she did not have rabies, which I already knew. She hated evety minute of it.
        Although he called the cops on Isis I never saw the girl’s daddy ever again.

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      3. No violence was used in the living of the story. What the guy assumed might happen, that was on him! Okay, grabbing the hammer could have been seen as violence, but was really just good quick thinking.
        But I doubt I was thinking at the time. Pure adrenaline!

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