The finished product.


After endless days of sanding, cleaning, oiling, staining and upholstery updates…


Without the leaves –



And with.



The free on the side of the road table and chairs was ready for sale.



The husband decided $250 was a reasonable price and within 15 minutes of listing it on Facebook marketplace three women messaged me. One wanted to cut the table 3 inches on each side because it was too wide, one wanted a conference table but said it was too narrow, and the third woman? Said she was on her way to pick it up, cash in hand.

And she did. Bye bye table and chairs.

At this point I’m not sure whether that was good news or bad. There’s no telling what my husband will come home with now.


27 thoughts on “The finished product.”

  1. I think you may need to slap your phone around a little. A person with your mastery of the language surely knows the difference between voila’ and viola. When this adventure began, you asked me not to encourage him. Now I don’t think there’s any need to.

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    1. Stupid spellcheck… which ironically just changed that to ‘do elk check’… I do not play the viola, correction made.
      As fur the husband I’m hoping this was a one off. It was a lot of work.


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