I won?


Let me preface this post by saying I never win anything.

Ever. In my entire life.

Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nothing.

No stuffed animals at the county fair, no raffle ticket prizes, no free sandwiches at Subway (which is something to be thankful for when you think about it) Really… I don’t win anything. Ever. I may lead a charmed life but when it comes to contests, forget about it. I’m the black hole of doom when it comes to luck.

So when I downloaded the Goodreads app a while back and started getting emails about book giveaways, I thought sure…. I’ll enter but I won’t win. I never do.

Until I did.



In the scheme of things it’s no big deal. Publishers give away free copies of new books to get feedback all the time.

But. I. Won. Something!

And my free book came in the mail yesterday.




It would not surprise me to know the Devil is currently installing central air and handing out Popsicles.


25 thoughts on “I won?”

  1. I have to admit, I have won trips, money, free meals at fancy restaurants, all kinds of things. But never a book. All those things I won are one and done. A book lasts forever!

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      1. Tahiti? No such luck. I would never have left.. Cuba. Various resorts in Cabada. Once to go to the Kentucky Derby but I was hospitaluzed at the time and had to settle for $3500 payout instead. I would rsther have gone to the Derby.
        And yes, it may be a start for you. Something in your universal standing (not karma) may have changed. Good luck to you.

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      2. 2004. And it was fascinating. Cuban people have to be the happiest people in the world. Not in the cities, but in the villages there are parties every night, with singing and dancing and romancing. Everyone shared what little they had and made the most of it.
        On a bus tour one day we had to stop because in the middle of the road two farmers going different directions with horse-drawn wagons had unhitched their horses and alliwed them to make love, after which the wagons were hitched back up and taken their sepeate ways. You would never see something like that in Canada or the States. Usiness as usual there…

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  2. Congrats River!! Hey don’t knock the first time win, this could be the beginning of a winning streak. Okay even if it isn’t you won something you actually like, a book. Yes alcohol would have been a better win but I’ll take it, I love books.

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