Let’s play.


You don’t have to, but where’s the fun in that?



I don’t drink coffee, so that’s easy to give up.

Sugar? I could pull my sweet tooth if I had to.

Pasta? That would be hard, but okay.

Cheese? I’m not sure life would be worth living, but if I have to choose…

I’m going to cling to my bread.

The crusty French loaves, the sourdough, the potato rolls, the honey wheat, the brioche, the cornbread, the biscuits, the pumpernickel!

Give me a pound of butter and a knife? I’m good.



Yes. That could be me.



How about you…

What couldn’t you give up?


45 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. I went gluten free for a time (about a year) with great results ~ no bread, no wheat pasta, no hunger pangs. We were going to be visiting friends and family and I didn’t want to burden them with creating special meals, so I started eating bread and pasta again.

    Suffice it to say, it’s been harder to get back into the discipline a 2nd time because . . . croissants, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, toast, add enjoyment to my days.

    I only drink one cup of coffee a day. That could disappear and I’d hardly notice.

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  2. I don’t eat/drink any of those things in quantity . I eat them because they are staples and I have to eat something, I don’t enjoy them particularly. When it comes to bread – meh. Unless it is a specialty bread like olive bread from Le Madeleine or ciccioli bread (Man, I would kill for some ciccioli bread). Same for cheese – aside from really fresh, “fresh mozzarella”, made in the morning, scarfed down in the afternoon – cheese is another meh. I’m not much of a sweets person, and despite being Italian I’ve never been a spaghetti bender. I enjoy coffee but I was a tea drinker for years – so I’m boring LOL

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      1. I don’t avoid them, I’m just not overly fond of them unless it is a very specific example of the item – I eat to live. not live to eat. Doesn’t make me healthier or slim, sad to say. I don’t like cooking anymore so I eat whatever is easy – like a grilled cheese sandwich. If lived in NYC or even back in Filthadelphia, THEN I would be eating bread and cheese and sweets because that’s where the good stuff is..

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      2. I am very much on your wavelength, Grace. I don’t enjoy any of these food species enough that I cannot go without them. I have had one sip of coffee in my life, and that was too much. Unlike most speople, i cannot stand the smell of coffee, it makes me want to hurl. As for the other things, I eat them because I need to eat. I’m trying to think of a flavour I cannot do without, but nothing comes to mind.*
        But it’s not that “you” are boring, it’s just that food is boring.
        *Rg did not list this, but I could probably not give up parsnips. Don’t feed me stew without parsnips, it isn’t worth eating!

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