47 thoughts on “This.”

  1. You lose me after “cream sauce” and pick me up again at “Eat slowly.” The part about sharing conversation with a stranger is good, but I don’t eat beef or seafood or imbibe alcohol of any kind. No idea whst a negroni even is.

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  2. Sorry. I’m not going to take advice from someone who, presumably after following his own advice, killed himself.

    We each need to figure out how to “enjoy the ride” in ways that are relevant to us. For me, that doesn’t include steaks, oysters, cream sauce, or many of Tony’s other pursuits.

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  3. Me? I do not take advice from a guy sitting in a thrift store reject couch, wearing thrift store reject boots, wearing jeans that have more holes than a golf course, and isn’t smart enough to get in out of the cold. Be this is an answer you were not expecting, huh?

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  4. I have heard much worse advice. And heck if it will keep a bartender and such in business’ why not ? I’m in. Though I might go slow on the negronis at first. Besides it is one of the best ways to remind ourselves we all have much more in common than not.

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      1. As someone who worked in the public school district, we get into trouble if we use foreign words that not everyone understands and I am not speaking Latin swear words. It is a stretch. Although the students are allowed to speak freely telling the teachers different words in different languages. Who knows what they are saying? Politically correct or BS?


  5. I liked Anthony Bourdain. He’s the only TV foodie guy I have ever seen eat a pig he killed himself. All respect. I can’t say what was in his heart and mind that drove him to take his own life, I’m just glad it’s not in mine. If I was a religious person, I would even say “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”
    It’s too bad this advice didn’t lead him out of the darkness, but it’s still good advice, even if it’s not a blueprint for a completely satisfying life. Miss ya, Tony.

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    1. I never watch food shows, but I loved No Reservations. He suffered from severe depression all his life but it never stopped him from traveling the world, embracing its people and experiencing new things. There’s a lesson in that.

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  6. I’m with Kenny I loved Anthony Bourdain. And I also LOVE Negroni’s, which is a very Italian drink for someone who is from far West Texas. But I love his advice, its something we all need to ponder I think and not judge on appearances but contemplate the words.

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