I may be famous.


They say everyone has a twin.

A double.

A doppelgänger.

Last week I received a text from an old friend of mine down south who said she’d found my alter ego while watching television.



The photos aren’t great quality as they were taken of the tv screen…



But clearly this other version of me is not living their best life.



37 thoughts on “I may be famous.”

  1. Opposites, right. Good girl, bad girl. When I was younger I was told I look like George Harrison of the Beatles, in his hair-over-the-shoulder phase. Talented man, talentless man. Be thankful you got the good part.
    I cannot imagine you lasting one full day in lock-up. Bread and water would break you. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  2. Sometimes you see your doppelganger and they are not in a good position. This happened with a close friend of mine and he kept asking me, “I wondered what my picture was doing there” as a family member or friend was led off to jail. Yea, it was funny like a Florida meme.

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  3. So is that a real criminal or an actor portraying one on a crime show? Either way, it’s good to have the evil twin locked up where she can’t ruin your life….

    Scariest “twins” I’ve been told I have are Kurt Russell and Hans from the Frozen movies. If you took the 80’s hair from the former and put it on the CGI face of the latter, it would probably look a lot like me….

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    1. It’s an actress in a movie, and only resembles a (much!) younger me. But it still made me chuckle.
      I’m not familiar with Hans, but will do some research.


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