I’m more voracious than I thought.


Before joining Goodreads I never gave much thought to how much I read. I knew it was a lot, books are stuffed in every nook and cranny of our house and my Amazon deliveries are epic. But I don’t keep all the books I’ve finished… I couldn’t, they would literally bury me… so I never did a yearly count until now.

Goodreads has a annual challenge where you set a goal and check off as you go.

My prediction of the number of books I’d read this year was slightly off.



I thought 75 seemed like a good number… but clearly it was a little low.



It’s early May and it looks like I’m 50 books ahead of schedule.



21 thoughts on “I’m more voracious than I thought.”

  1. I wish I could still read books. As a kid I read a book a day — adult books, not kids books. I maybe didn’t understand everything, but I learned new words from each book, and that was part of why I read. I slowed down as an adult, but still I read a coupke hundred books a year.
    Now, I fall asleep on Page 1. Next day on Page 2. Day 3 I re-read Pages 1 and 2 to make sure I didn’t miss anything. It’s been this way since my concussion 14 years ago. Something got jarred in my brain. I wish I could get it back.
    I miss reading books. Word Press is much easier to deal with.

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  2. I am a fan of kindle. But I love going to a new library and borrowing hardbacks! Florida has so many libraries. I go to new ones from time to time. They are beautiful and easy to get around to. I also like ordering through Amazon my books for kindle.

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      1. I am old fashioned too, but I love both formats. I am also used to working with textbooks online. My book is available in both formats but yeah nothing beats a bookstore with hard back but the new format nowadays for many published authors is a soft hardback.

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  3. Wow, Congrats!!! That’s a huge accomplishment, actually your kind of an overachiever if you ask me, lmao. But I do keep the books I read because I can’t possibly part with my beloved books, I’m building quite a library.

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  4. Do you need the tactile feel of a good book to enjoy it are can you Kindle/Nook? I was running out of room in my house. I thought Nook would solve my problems. It did…for a while. Congrats on your book challenge! Mona

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