27 thoughts on “He’s an odd bird.”

  1. I think all cats do that. Books are perfect face-rubbing places, especially hard covers. Just the right amount of resistance. But really it’s an attention grabber. That’s why they lay on open books, and computer keyboards, or crocheting projects. They want to be the centre of your attention. Until they decide to leave.

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  2. Yes. So my first edition David Sedaris now has zero value except to me. At least I can earmark favorite stories and not worry about keeping it pristine anymore. So, there’s that. Today, I discovered I’d left the new loaf of bread in the plastic grocery bag on the counter last night. Guess who helped herself to the middle of the loaf during the middle of the night? It’s a good thing Lauren’s cat is well loved. Mona

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      1. Actually our first bread-eating cat is no longer with us — may she chase all of the butterflies and have Tasty Treats forever! And no pain ever again. She’s been gone since February. That’s why I didn’t worry about the bread last night. The other cat, Millie Cat, never did that before. Well, apparently, either she does now or Bird Girl is haunting our house and can chew through plastic to get to the bread from her ethereal realm! Either way, what a waste of a fresh loaf! 😮 Mona

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    1. My Scots ancestry is showing…

      “Beyond the ken” means something that cannot be explained or understood. The word ken is Scottish for knowing, and dates back even farther to the Anglo-Saxon term, cennan, which means to bring forth or conceive. Though the Anglo-Saxon word is slightly different, there is a strong relationship between the two terms, and speakers may use beyond the ken to mean surpassing conception. According to some language enthusiasts, the origin of the expression is much later, and written use of the term is often believed to have first occurred in the 19th century.

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